I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream - Radio Drama 

Oschon’s Print [Caught!]

I’ve been dabbling in hunting down the 2-Star fish of Eorzea.  If you’ve got any interest in trying your hand at Big Fishing, then Oschon’s Print is a pretty easy 2-Star to get your feet wet.  

OP can be found in Lower La Noscea’s Moraby Bay fishing spot.  

What makes Oschon’s Print a good starter fish- is the complete lack of weather / time requirements.  All you need is a healthy supply of Goby Balls, which can be purchased from the merchant near the Aetheryte in Moraby Drydocks for 3g a pop.  If you’re in good standing with the RNG gods, then you’ll fish OP up in no time.  No mooching involved.  

The best part of fishing?  The flavor text in the Fish Guide.  

I like the idea that the origin of the Moraby flounder boils down to Oschon flattening a regular fish with his god-foots while he was wandering Eorzea.  

The original Playstation is almost 20 years old.  I hope you now feel as old as I do.  Will ‘turning the entire system upside down’ become the new ‘blowing in the cartridge’?





Holy shit, the pain in this man’s eyes tells so much.



for those who don’t know, this is alejandro jodorowsky, whose plans to create his rendition of “dune” were scrapped, despite having such great minds as moebius, dali, and h.r. giger on the project

Ruto is in Hyrule Warriors!? 


This feels weird.

This feels weird.

I’ve been trying to find a second / different job recently.  I’ve also recently found out that I’m a dummy, and am not qualified for anything?  

I only managed to get one screenshot tonight.

I only managed to get one screenshot tonight.

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Wait do you play on Midgardsormr??


Did I stumble into some kind of RP scenario?  

Did I stumble into some kind of RP scenario?