drakmarth said: 

The only way me and my friend Dave got through Big’s arc was by putting on the dumbest voice over for him and just riffing on the game.


Why you gotta make fun of Big, Drak.  He’s just a laid back dude who loves fishing.  That’s A-OK in my book.

This artist’s rendition of the Quelaag boss fight after I mastered the art of rolling away.

This artist’s rendition of the Quelaag boss fight after I mastered the art of rolling away.

Thanks for the signal boosts, you guys.  u da bes!

businesscasualwizard said: Tom, I lived in VA Beach for like 5 months, I got stabbed, got robbed, and did not have a good time. But at least Pungo was creepy as shit.

Further proof that VA Beach is shit.  the best.

drakmarth said: Good luck Tom!

Thanks, Drak!

In an effort to answer that last ask, I waded through the tumblr ‘commision prices’ tag, and it’s really depressing.  I wish I could slowly close all of these artists’ laptop screens, and just give them a quick hug.  After their cold shower, they’ll sit down to open up their computers, and a small note will be there.

'You should charge more money for your drawings, you dummy.'

A message from fluffehluff
Hiya, I was curious if you have like..a price sheet for your commissions? Either way, love your stuff. ~

I don’t have any firm price sheet.  I don’t do commissions enough, and really only open then up when something dumb happens. 

Prices are a case by case basis, and I’ll be glad to answer any and all questions via email.  LLRCOMIC @ GMAIL DOT COM

PS. Thanks for the compliment! :D

So the plan is to just suck it up and take out some loans for schooling next semester.  Finish my Liberal then transfer to the online ODU BCS program, and start seeking employment as a software developer.  

Hey guys, don’t bother trying to live in Virginia Beach on a meager income.

I mean, unless you like paying almost $1000 / mo for a shitty 2 bedroom apartment.  It’s worth it to live near the beach and take part in the supportive community!  Come to the commonwealth.  Join our family!

*Cashes check from city.*

*Uses money to pay personal property tax*

slamnetwork said: I actually would love to commission you! Should I email you?


Thank you for mentioning that.  I completely forgot to include my email.  LLRCOMIC @ GMAIL DOT COM

(Nice avatar, btw!) 

It’s that time again!

Hey guys, I’ll make this quick.  

I’ve got rent due soon, and due to my work hours being cut (and my exorbitant rent!) - I’m cutting it kind of close.  So, here we go again!


I want to draw you something for cash pixel money.  

I’ve linked my art tag for your convenience.  If you like my traditional stuff, I have no issues mailing you the original if you wish to take that route.  Any donation amount is appreciated, and everyone will get SOMETHING.  

Current Commission Queue (CCQ) 

  • - Sean Hobbes
  • - Potentially You!
  • - Potentially You!
  • - Potentially You!

Paypal donation link HERE!

Thanks for your time! 

Just drop me an email if you’ve got any questions. 


So I signed up for Khan Academy to learn some BASIC BASIC Java coding.  Do people even use Java anymore?  Anyway, I made this Mickey Mouse, and since I can’t print him out and hang him on the fridge- I’ll just put him here.



My Juggalo Boss

One of my bosses is a confirmed Juggalo.  He’s the real deal- Hatchet Man tattoo and everything.  I’m pretty sure he’s even been to a few gatherings.

Anyway- the few years I’ve been at this place, I’ve come to know the man behind the clown makeup.  He’s actually a genuinely nice guy, and he’s pretty good about not saying things that make me want to hit him.  (Unless he starts talking about gender rolls, then I just have to walk out of the room.)  

He has a garden where he grows peppers.  He recently had a crop of Bhut Jolokia, and he made some salsa with it.  He gave me some of that salsa.

God damn, you guys.  (He hates it when I say that.)  

There’s something you can never really prepare yourself to say aloud.