Is Axe supposed to burn like this?

Normally, I’m an Old Spice guy. (Swagger, for those of you interested.) My stick ran out, and I’m forced to use this Axe body spray that my step-dad got me for Christmas last year. Is it supposed to burn my poor armpits like this? Is that a normal thing, Axe-guys?

I don’t like it.

  1. drakmarth said: I’m an Old Spice guy too (whitewater) and as mentioned may be an allergy thing.
  2. skyliting said: generally if any deo burns when applied, you’re probably allergic to it and should wash it off and use baking soda instead before you get a rash.
  3. katiegeewhiz said: the burn is the gazes of a thousand women wanting to be in your trousers AXE
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