Hey guys!

Had some things come up this month, and I’m coming up a little short on cash.  (Don’t worry about Isaac, because he’s already got all his food and whatnot.)  It’s moments like these that I have to rely on utilizing my only skill- being kinda good at drawing things.  I’m asking for some donations, and in return I’ll draw you something you’ll probably like!  (I assume if you’re following me already, you at least SORTA like my shtuff.)

So just click on this link right here to reach my paypal!


There’s a nifty little button on my site that you can click that’ll set you right up.  Send me an email at thomas at llrcomic dot com and we can get all the details for your picture squared away.  There are no set prices, and I would appreciate any signal boosts you guys could provide.  Thanks a bunch for reading!  

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    I’ve always been happy with Tom’s work! Check him out!
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    A great artist from my local area is taking commissions now. Please check out his site and give your support!
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