Hey guys! 

Remember when I asked for some help a little bit ago?  You guy(s)* came through in spades, and it really did make a difference.  We managed to pay our rent AND avoid starving to death!  A right good month in my books!  But, as they say- It’s always brightest right before the dark.  Included with one of my roommate’s rent, was a nice little note detailing that this was going to be their last month, and that they would not be paying their share of the final month of the lease.  You can imagine how that could ruin someone’s day. 

I’m not going to get spiteful.  Tumblr isn’t the place for negativity.  (SH fans- I’m looking at you!)  I’m here, ONCE AGAIN, to ask for your help.  Offering commissions isn’t working as well as I hoped, and I can’t blame anyone but myself for that.  There isn’t enough of my work out there to make someone want something of mine.  I imagine people looking at their computers thinking Who is this guy, again?  Why do I care?  I was working on a Kansas mini, but I ended up scrapping what I had.  I wrote that stuff when I was in a really dark place, and I don’t feel comfortable doing it anymore.  I plan on doing something a little lighter, but in the interim… all I can offer is regular updates over at Looks Like Rain. 

If you would like me to draw you something, just send me a note and we can get started on that.  (You can check out some of my older stuff over at my dA account.) I’m not going to throw prices up, because I’m not comfortable telling you what to donate.  Even if you aren’t in a place to donate (This economy, amirite?) I’d still love for you to spread the word.  I’ll give you a little peck on the cheek.  

Just click this text to donate!

Don’t forget to note me something to draw!

The goal is $400-450 dollars.  (Depends on the electric bill.  Gotta keep this place cool.  It’s super hot outside, man!)

*Thanks Jimbo!

PS: I’d also like to note that asking for donations is a last resort for me.  I hate doing it, but I feel like I’m not doing everything I can to solve the problem unless I at least throw a post up.

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    Send 10 bucks to a guy who needs to keep a roof over his and his family’s heads
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